About Us

"To inform and educate the general public about health and wellness with natural and effective preventative medicine."

World Health Publishing Inc. is a Canadian-owned publisher of health-related media such as books, videos, and websites.

Founded in 1996, the company was formed as there was a need for informative and well-researched media to help educate wellness and health to the general public.

World Health Publishing focuses on the education of the benefits of alternative medicine, specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which includes health treatments such as herbal medicine.

While Western medicine primarily focuses on the cure after the disease has already occurred (curative medicine), TCM, established through over thousands of years of human observation, focuses on illness prevention by sustaining the right balance within the body through proper nutrition and exercise (preventative medicine).

It is only though the past few decades that TCM has been accepted as an alternative and complementary form of treatment for health illness by the West. With everyday stress and pollution being a part of the cause of the many health illnesses of today, it is important more so than ever to look for alternative ways to better ourselves.

It is an exciting time for World Health Publishing to be a part of preventative health. We invite all interested readers, authors, distributors, and organizations to share this experience with us.