World's Best Reishi Mushroom

Join us as we visit the Nikkei Co. farm in Isesaki, Japan, home of the world's best reishi mushroom. In this video, we speak with the Mayuzumi family, the pioneers of high quality red reishi cultivation. Red reishi mushroom is a powerful adaptogenic herb used for thousands of years in traditional medicine and has now grown vastly popular in the Western world as a dietary supplement for better health.

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The Secret Revealed… the POWER of RED REISHI

Japanese Red Reishi mushroom nutritional supplements are enhancing the lives of people around the world in dramatic ways.

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Part 2

Part 3

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The Secrets of the King Herb - Red Reishi

This video provides a detailed introduction to red reishi from Japan, its cultivation method, physcial characteristics, health-enhancing applications and a road to better health with red reishi.

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